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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

International Conference on Inequality in Bologna

I will be presenting my paper "Direct and Indirect Effects of Income Inequality on Economic Growth through Political Economy: Taxes as Proxy of Redistributive Pressure" at International Conference on Inequality in Re-distribution and Fiscal Policies Session on 2nd November.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Hello modern slavery vs high housing demand in England

Let's just say hello to modern slavery in the UK. A country where room prices are from £400 per month, where minimum hourly wage is £7.20. Why these numbers? Because I will tell you a story. A story on modern slavery. Even, a slavery that you pay while working...
First type of slavery is "volunteering". If I am not able to pay £400, I am basically homeless. Even if I can pay £200 or £300 per month, since I cannot find any room at those prices, I cannot afford a room. I go on volunteering with babysitting for 2 children, we agree on 5 hours per day and 5 days per week with a foreign lady. I pay my rent through my labour 25 hours per week. If I work 25 hours, I can make £180 per week which means £720 per month! My room is an ensuite room and I have free meal that  may cost maximum £600 or £700 totally, since ensuite room prices start from £500 where I live. Until this point, everything seems okay, under the condition that everyone respects volunteering hours. However, the most of days, I found myself waiting for her 4-5 hours more than agreed hours. I have decided to stay there just because my budget was not enough for paying a room £400 (plus deposit for the starting) after paying university fees and many expenses on my UK visa. In the case of volunteering, for exceeding 10 hours per week, she should have paid £72 per week which means £288 per month. This amount that she should pay is just equal to my labour which is not paid!!! If you have no chance, you find yourself in a modern slavery! She does not pay for the service that she receives, and someone else who really needs this volunteering as a job cannot find this job because of this volunteering.

Another modern slavery story is called as "home carer". In this case, there is an elderly person who needs soft help such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, and helping if needed but not personal care. There are many companies which work on this, and only these companies profit from caring :) Elderly person pays £99 to the company. The carer pays £149 to the company and provides this service for the elderly person. If you do not have enough budget for a room, just pay less and work! In the beginning they say that there are 10 hours per week working/or helping. However, on the contract, you find that there is a condition stating you have to sleep every day at home and only 3 days you are allowed to be out in one month, and you have some free time in the afternoon. The companies advertise this opportunity as a low cost accommodation and as an opportunity for meeting with new cultures. You pay, you work! Hello modern slavery to be bought!